Not just green, and not dark green, lime, jade, or emerald green. BRIGHT green.


Why Green?

This uncommon colour evokes imagery of natural greenery. Studies have shown that people seek out nature in times of stress, as its characteristic ‘soft fascination’ induces a sense of relaxation, rejuvenation and reflection.

There is no better way to expose yourself to such positive characteristics than incorporating these features into your home. Although bright green shaded walls are predicted to hop on the trend train in 2017, not everyone is up for the exaggerated, possibly eccentric design ideas some designers might have in mind. If this kind drastic change is too much to handle, there are always simple but artistic, or very subtle ways to incorporate greenery into your home.

Green Home Decor
Then there’s nature’s greenery, whether self-grown or store bought, any kind of plants within the home increases oxygen and induces relaxation. It provides better sleep and reflection, and ultimately leaving you less stressed at the end of your busy work day in the concrete jungle of society, deprived of green spaces and human interactions but filled only with technological advancements.

COMMON TREND – Wall Decals

Wall DecalFor those who haven’t noticed, wall decals have become increasingly popular all around the world and is predicted to become all the rage in 2017 as creative simplicity overrides large surfaced wallpapers. So if permanent designs scare you and design commitments is on your list of phobias then this is for you.

It allows your creativity to be reflected on the very skin of your home. If you think of the anatomy of your home as the structures being the skull, the roofing being your hair, the walls being your skin, the rooms as the sections in your brain, with windows to brighten up your mind, then the furnishings are merely a reflection of the creativity the right side of your brain produces. Just as your mind is forever changing and evolving, so are wall decals. The possibilities are limitless and the designs can only be restricted by your own mind.

On more technical terms, wall decals most exemplary features is as follows; it’s a simple DIY project from beginning to end; it’s versatile in design; there is no risk of permanence as it is easily applied and removed at the whim of your creativity. In comparison, wallpapers can be quite expensive and it doesn’t leave room for quick and easy DIY application and removal.

Especially for those who live in apartments, are renting or living in any form of housing that limits the amount of renovation you can do to the walls, then this is the perfect opportunity to liven up your home with zero damage and permanence.

A small word of advice. Just as with wallpaper or paint, please be aware of quality when searching for your wall decal. Make purchases based on quality and reviews rather than low-cost. Focusing on economic possibilities is not worth the risk. A large scaled design with horrible manufacturing quality could potentially leave an unwanted marking or peel on your wall which will be devastating when you wish to renovate or refurbish.

Recommendations: Fixate, Fab, Gilt

UNEXPECTED TREND – Industrialised Homes From Preserved Abandonments

Industrialized Home InteriorThe industrial look has become increasingly popular in the design industry. Since about 2011-2012 after the cosy cottage style houses began to smoulder out, there has been a rise in designs utilising materials such as reinforced glass, copper, marble, limestone, exposed bricks and stones within commercial as well as residential settings. From the days of hoarding, of over decorating, with photo frames on the fireplace and along the staircase, interior designers and architects are reverting back to the words of Mies Van der Rohe; “Less is More.”

We now design with simplicity in mind, with open and minimalistic spaces, and we like to use old abandonments as a shell for our modern lofts, our studio apartments, and occasionally to be reflected in a new extension of our cosy country homes. A few years back we liked standard windows in standard homes at a standard height of 2.4 metres. Although this criteria still fills the standards of our suburbia, our CBD’s now appreciate large window facades that take up an entire wall, flushing in the sun’s natural lighting across the floors of an open spaced loft, at a height of 4 metres with at least one mezzanine level. For this year’s latest home decor ideas, check this article out.


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